Who we are


Imagine Dragons event

Grace has a wide range of influences—from Sondheim to Swift. She has a penchant for musical storytellers and fancies herself one as well. Other pop/indie influences include Phoebe Bridgers, Beach Fossils, Harry Styles, and Mitski.

Writing, composing, performing...check, check, and check. Grace loves the singer-songwriter moniker and everything that comes with it—but has a special place in her heart for producing. Most nights you can find her with the cool glow of a Mac screen illuminating her face as she tinkers with her latest creation.

With such a small percentage of female producers in the studio system, Grace will continue to share her beat-making talents with anyone who will listen. Her mission is to inspire other girls to discover the producer pathway, which can be just as meaningful as other "more glamorous" musical pursuits.